Ayurveda is an age old system of natural medicine which is based on the idea of balance in the body using diet, massages and yoga. Sri Lanka has its own branch of Ayurveda that has been handed down for generations and is now used through herbal therapy to keep mind and body healthy.

This wellness and Ayurveda holiday itinerary by Walkers Tours is to enable visitors to immerse themselves in the physical and spiritual rituals of Ayurveda without stress.

DAY 01 TO DAY 09

On arrival at the airport, Budget Arugambay Tours representative is on hand to greet guests and arrange transfer to the Wellness & Ayurveda Hotel of Lanka Princess in the west coastal town of Beruwala. Check into the hotel and be inspired for your spirits to be lifted.

During your nine night stay at the hotel, a number of excursions will be arranged to complement the Ayurveda wellness therapy course especially designed according to licensed practitioners’ evaluation. The schedule for your visit will be decided then.

The government-licensed resident Ayurveda practitioner will assess guest’s needs based on achieving a healthy life style concentrating on detoxification using natural herbal therapies, oil massages and therapeutic treatments designed specifically for each guest’s specific condition. Special diets will be recommended and meals prepared accordingly by the hotel’s chefs. Meanwhile each guest can relax and enjoy the holiday

DAY 10

Check out for transfer to the airport.



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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 4 reviews
June 26, 2020

Relax relax relax Budget Arugambay Tours

My second time at this great resort
Went for 8 days with my family and friends
The hotel was great food outstanding and the service fantastic
Came out feeling rejuvenated and well taken care of
Went on interesting outings
Yoga every day to help you heal the body and meditation for the mind
What a place to relax

Thanks to Budget Arugambay Tours and Ansa

June 26, 2020

we booked with Budget Arugambay Tours

This Hotel and the Ayurvedic treatments are very good, I have been there for nine times and booked again.
The Ayurvedic treatments, the Ayurvedic medicine and the Ayurvedic meals in the Hotel are all as a completion.
As another hilite there is a beauty salon, they offer facial, manicure, pedicure, foot massage and hair cutting.
The Hotel offers also some excursions and lectures.
When you leave you feel 10 years younger.

Thanks Ansa

June 26, 2020

This has been the experience of a lifetime! Delicios, healthy food, marvelous treatments, intense meditations, warm and helpful people – this is a very special place for all who want to enjoy Ayurveda in connection with closeness to the people – this intensity you will never get in a big resort. The owner, Ansa, will do anything that you feel you are part of the family. Thank you all for a wonderful time! Budget Arugambay Tours

June 26, 2020

Very good Ayurvedic Treatment

I spent a 10 in Budget Arugambay Tours and decided to undertake an Ayurvedic Treatment for the entire week.
The consultation by Dr Jhone was very interesting and introduced me to the ideas of hownour body works in terms of Vatha Pitta and Kapha.
After the initial tests, the week was steuctured into every day really firm and reliefing deep tissue massages and herbal steam baths.
From day four we started cleansing the intestins and releasing the toxins.
The doctor and my masseur, Arafat were very helpful and during the process we did some amendments to fit my personal needs perfectly. For example for me it’s a bit uncomfortable to lay face down due to respiratory issues, so we just continued the treatment with me lying sideways.
I do believe that this is more difficult to massage, but Natasha is totally dedicated and continued to relief the muscle tensions perfectly. We even figured to massage under the armpits and on the thorax, which I have never experienced before, but was extremely helpful for my breathing.

In the end Dr Jhone gave me a plan to follow for in terms of dietary and daily routine suggestions.

I was very happy with the consultation and treatment and felt a big stress relief afterwards.

A very big thanks again to Natasha who did an amazing job and his very best to get rid of all the muscle tensions.

Hope you’re doing great, Ansa

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